Albury Organic Vineyard

Brand design and e-commerce website for organic vineyard in the heart of Surrey

Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Digital Marketing, Illustration, Strategy & Planning, Website Design

We were approached by Albury Vineyard to help define their brand strategy and structure a clear approach to help meet their business objectives. Their existing brand identity was disjointed and no longer reflected the true quality and attention that went into their premium wine production.

Our brief was to evolve the current brand to greater educate the customer and create a stronger, more emotive identity – with the ultimate objective of increasing direct sales.

We created a new brand which now encompasses the true essence of Albury. Bringing out the fine details that represent what is special about them, from the Duke of Northumberland crest that appears in their logo mark, to the leaves from the vines that make up the crown, right down to the bespoke illustration of the Surrey Hills on the rosé wine. Those small touches echo the care and attention they put into each and every bottle.

The next stage was to create a new e-commence website, evaluating the customer journey and implementing the brand look and feel throughout. The new website is not only visually appealing, but easy to navigate and performs well on all platforms, and ultimately increasing direct sales.

Our creative work continued across the labelling for the individual wines, packaging, signage and other marketing materials – truly establishing Albury Vineyard as a premium wine producer and able to stand proudly in the Surrey Hills.

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