Think show, not tell

Did you know that the average person is exposed to 174 newspapers full of information every day and that on average web users will only read 20% of text on screen?*

Infographics seem the perfect answer and have been popular for a number of years as an effective marketing tool and an efficient way of presenting complex information visually. However, it is useful to bear in mind a few key points to ensure that your infographic will get the results you want and compel your audience to share – it’s not just a case of lots of statistics made to look pretty.

1. Create a Killer headline – 90% of people will read more when the title grabs them.

2. Identify your core message and create a visual hierarchy

3. Think – SHOW not TELL

4. Keep your audience hooked with relevant information

5. Take them on a journey

6. Give them an AH HA moment

7. Keep it simple

8. Research your data well and show your sources

9. Finish well and show a call to action

10. Share on the right social channels

A visually compelling and relevant Infographic well can be a valuable tool in a digital marketing campaign, using a designer to visually communicate this well for you, will undoubtedly increase your chances of reaching your end goal.


*Sources: Richard Alleyne, The Telegraph Jakob Nielsen, How Little do users read 2008