Effective Event Branding

In our digital age it’s all too easy to channel your marketing online, but a truly effective way of engaging with your customers face to face still remains conferences, exhibitions and events.

Whether working directly with a client or alongside an events agency, our design work is crafted around all the elements that are bought together at that time, in order to design an event brand with depth and relevancy, that will inspire and captivate.

Our work with events agency, Timebased for Team GB Ball, involved creating a cohesive theme focusing on classic British glamour. Where better than the Royal Opera House, and we took our inspiration from the architectural details radiating from the window in The Paul Hamlyn Hall. Building on this timeless style, combined with a simple classic palette of gold, black and white we created a sophisticated piece of creative around the GB emblem.

Effective event branding is the result of a number of key considerations:

Team GB event graphics

Event strategy – A clear understanding of the overall objective, clearly defining customer profiles and desired outcomes. The relevancy of the venue, audience journey would all be elements contributing to the brand name and creative development.

Create a pre event campaign – Finely crafted invitations, strategic advertising and e-marketing, branded with the event theme to set the tone and drive engagement.

Social media strategy and integration – Brand and event awareness can be consistently driven through social channels keeping your audience engaged.

Event web design – From specific landing pages on an existing site, right through to a bespoke event website with reservation and e-commerce functionality all consistently branded and creating anticipation.

Experiential Design – Consider the audience journey throughout the event, brand awareness opportunities and what emotions you will evoke. From the menus on the tables right through to the graphics on the stage, attention to detail and brand consistency are key to the impression you will leave.

Event Follow up – The most important part and your ROI, have your strategy in place before the big day.

Event branding is a powerful marketing tool and a great way to communicate with your audience. Get it right and they’ll remember you long after the event has finished and it goes without saying that great events have strong brands.

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