Connecting with Brand Imagery

It’s the thing that catches your eye, the connection that draws you in and ultimately encourages you to look further, all without any words.

With powerful brand imagery a single image can deliver information instantly, it will evoke an emotion and convey a message before your audience has read a word.

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Carefully selecting the right imagery to work with your brand is key and gives clarity to your communications. Its just as important as the actual logo mark itself and together with the tone of voice that you set in your marketing communications, will resonate and connect.

When developing brand guidelines along with our clients, we carefully consider and identify images that work to make an emotional connection. The style and composition of photography or illustrations  that truly help establish and give personality to the brand.

Whether your budget is for bespoke photography or using stock imagery, a considered strategic approach to your visual tone can make all the difference in helping carve out your niche.