Client Focus: Phil Bolton

Having previously worked with Phil Bolton a number of years ago, we were delighted that he approached us to help develop the brand and website for his new business. We caught up with him to find out how the new venture was going.

Describe your coaching approach and what it brings?

I love working with organisations and individuals that have a sense of mission.  I like to build long term relationships that enable them to thrive.  For example I have supported my favourite client is a CEO in the biotech sector.  We’ve worked together for 5 years and he’s built up his start-up from an idea on a piece of paper to the point where it is about to be sold.  We’ve helped him to grow as a leader, develop the skills for success, consistently set a clear vision and execute his strategy and build the right team to support this growth.


My clients tell me that I provide them with “another brain” and someone inspiring and objective to challenge them and keep them accountable.  I like to work with clients both on the Inside – to develop the skills and mindset needed to perform at their best – and the Outside – to achieve their real world goals and targets.  I aim to be a catalyst to enable this to happen faster and more effectively.
Detail created a dynamic and strong branding presence for my practice, then turned that into a website that I love. I’m really delighted with the work and it is already helping me to take my business to the next level.

What is Inside Out Leadership?

It’s an approach to linking leadership development on growth (Inside) with real world action and results (Outside).


Over the past ten years I’ve seen that leaders and organisations thrive when they invest in their growth.  I’ve developed an approach based on advanced coaching and psychological frameworks to help leaders operate at their best.  It allows a focus on the skills needed for success, operating authentically and creating the right mentality to enable continuous growth and learning.


However, this high performance needs to be linked to real world results.  Organisations need to have a clear sense of mission and strategy – and targets for success.


Inside Out Leadership links the learning with the results.  For example, I helped a client who was struggling to make herself heard in important meetings.  We picked some key sales meetings that were critical to achieving her sales targets for the year.  Through a process of feedback, reflection and input, we crafted some new ways of communicating and tested them, with great success.  The process has helped her develop a new sense of presence – and delivered instant success by generating important sales in new accounts.


This approach creates an ongoing cycle of action and feedback that has helped clients to thrive and achieve their goals.


Why did you come to Detail for your new brand?

I have worked with Dan (Black) before and have found him to be one of the most creative and brilliant people out there.  He takes the time to really understand a business and develop a brand concept that captures the essence of what it’s all about.  His process is thorough and highly creative.


Having Ginetta and the team in support was the icing on the cake.  They helped me to develop a clear brief for the work.  Detail created a dynamic and strong branding presence for my practice, then turn that into a website that I love.


I’m really delighted with the work and it is already helping me to take my business to the next level.

How has business coaching evolved over the last 10 years, what changes have you seen?

It’s exciting to see organisations switching on to coaching as a key ingredient in growing leaders, teams and their organisation.  In the past I encountered a perception of coaching happening when someone wasn’t performing to “fix” them.  That seem to be dying out – and it is increasingly seen as a highly targeted way to drive performance.


In 2017, over half of all FTSE CEOs have an executive coach and 99% of FTSE 100 Companies use business coaching.  There is a growing realisation that in a competitive and fast moving world, it is important to seek every advantage possible.  When done properly, coaching has clear objectives, proven structures for delivering growth and delivers measurable impact.  It is also engaging, inspiring and energising.
I love that I’m part of a wave of executive coaches who are growing brilliant companies and helping them to achieve their mission.

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