Budget for your brand

Starting a business comes with a huge to-do list, from buying premises to ordering stock; hiring an accountant to sorting legal red tape. Then, all these things need paying for, often well before the business can reliably make lots of actual, real-life money.

All these calls on your money mean that it can be pretty tempting to put off sorting out your new company’s branding – after all, logos, straplines and mission statements can seem more nebulous than offices, prototypes and spreadsheets. Yet failing to set aside time and money for proper branding work at the start of a new company’s life could be a huge mistake. As can creating a less than effective brand on not enough money that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Here are some reasons why branding needs to move much higher up your start-up company’s to-do list.

Arrive in style

In today’s fast-paced digital market, you need to arrive with a bang if you want to get noticed and taken seriously from the off-set. Consumers tend to be time-poor and don’t want to have to search too long or too hard for you online or on the high street. They want to know who you are, what you represent and what you can do for them. The best way to make this happen is to invest in strong branding straight away.

Make them want you

Creating a genuine ‘buzz’ around your product means that your audiences will feel inspired to go out and do much of your publicity work for you. For free. A compelling brand builds emotion and makes your customers feel like they understand you and your company. Just like a friendship, people like to feel connected straight away. Once we feel a link to another person, we spend more time and effort getting to know them better and building up a stronger, more loyal relationship. It’s the same with brands. If you know who you are and how you want to be seen by the world from day one, you will attract more attention and enjoy a warmer reception.

Tell the story

Your company should be about more than the product. It should tell a story and draw customers in so that they want to be part of the narrative. By simply creating a product and pushing it out into the wider world, you are creating a commodity that can be popular one day and old news the next. Engage people early on with the story – let them be involved right from the very first page and they will be keen to stick around and find out what happens next.

Think long-term

Although a brand will evolve and develop over time, it can only survive if it starts off strongly enough. A sprinter takes his or her position in the starting blocks of a race with the sole aim of giving him or herself the best launch and biggest chance of beating the competition. He or she always has the end goal in sight and prepares for the finishing line right at the very beginning of the race. Brands need to do that too. It’s no good starting off and then worrying about the brand further along the track – the time to benefit from a strong starting position has been and gone and you are suddenly too busy trying to keep up with everyone else and not trip over your laces to find time to work on branding now.

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